Project Libbie

Project Libbie is my child that I developed for IRF. It's an administration system that allows you to issue cross-game bans in a simple web UI. However, it is currently extremely alpha and had to be released in an emergency due to Papers' lack of administration at the time.

project libbie homepage
Well I guess shoving my own user as the background is okay for an alpha...

Project Libbie is a pretty fun project to work on. I am the sole developer on it, but that's fine. It's pretty self contained with its Express.js backend and whatnot. However it may have fallen short a bit due to its quick release. It's not finished, not even close. I'm planning to add much more to it later down the line but for now the alpha will do. I needed to get it launched so that Papers would at least have some sort of ban system. It's a massive hack, the Lua script. It only checks their ban status when a player joins right now which is pretty useless considering the fact that no one can be kicked. In the future, of course, this will be addressed, since Project Libbie will have its own admin scripts. But for now, it is a pretty dumb little Lua script, communicating with a partially overly complicated admin system. Project Libbie will probably require a rewrite before its full release but again, this is just a temporary release while everything is still hectic. There's nothing I can do but sit back and watch.

When Papers gets admin again, I probably won't take down Project Libbie, or I might and just put it under maintenance. Until Project Libbie is done I don't want people to be using it fully.

By the way, the mascot (Libbie) is a modified version of Libbie the Cyber Oryx by Tyson Tan. I personally think it's a great piece of artwork that was thrown out by the organizers of the event it was made for. It's in public domain, so I thought I would use it for this to pay homage to her and her creator.


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