IRF Internal Affairs CAD System

The Project

Onepixel Studios was not commissioned to create this project. This was a project made by studio owner Friz_Dzhugashvili with assistance from Developer LewisTehMinerz

The Infrastructure

The project has it's start in the Open Source Project called OpenCAD by Stormlight Tech. This opensource project found itself as the basis for our project to convert it from a GTA V / FiveM based Roleplay System to something fit for ROBLOX.

The actual web server is hosted on Contabo's VPS M SSD infrastructure which promises high speeds with 16 GB of RAM and a 400GB SSD hosted in Germany.

The Construction Process

Installing OpenCAD is a straightforward process. Within minutes we had it up on it's domain that it retains to this day, Once we opened OpenCAD we found that it was restricted heavily to a GTA V Community with rolesets such as Sherrif, Los Santos Police Department, Fire and EMS.

The first stage of the Modification Process faced us with editing the SQL File before we uploaded it to the database. This preconfigured file was set to GTA Standards and as such contained GTA V Addresses, People, Police Departments and Colours. The initial modification reduced over 1000 lines of SQL and ensure a neat fit for the requirements.

The second stage of our Modification Process was to change these restricted rolesets to fit with the theme of the IRF. We converted them to fit our expanded needs as seen below. We made other small modifications along the way to the CSS and HTML to brand it to the IRF look and theme.

The Web API

OpenCAD does not come with a Web API to allow integration with other games. As this was a key requirement for our needs (to link in with Roblox) we embarked upon the creation of an Express Based Web API.

This API was made by Developer LewisTehMinerz and so far allows the creation of Civillian Identities so Law Enforcement Officers using the system can issue Citations, Warrants and Arrests with ease (more on this later).

List of packages used in the index.js file


The API (Continued)

The API was released into the game Border City. This game is based on a Roleplay Border and would implement with the system.

Only two words can be used can be used to describe the amount of uptake the API had


Since the API was released we've had over 15,000 User Accounts created in just 3 Days and it soon became clear that the system was already overworking itself

The Reports and the Future

Quickly after we suppassed 5,000 users the website started to struggle. The Dropdown Lists of citizens filled pages and took a while to load. As this started to increase the lists got larger and so did the page loading time.

We fixed the issue temporarily but this will not be enough in the future.

A replacement is already needed

Find out more

Find out more about the project by visiting the website here(Account required)

Friz Dzhugashvili

Studio Director of Onepixel