Introducing Fortune_Volkov

OnePixel Internal Sep 18, 2019


My Roblox name is Fortune_Volkov and I am an excellent lego developer for the IRF, and I specifically work on Military projects. I do various forms of Lua programing, but I also build maps from time to time in urban or clan-like styles. I have made enough military tech to run my own military if I wanted to. Including modern guns, capture points and miscellaneous training systems like the Sparring Arena.

I live in the United States (unfortunately), and I am currently studying Computer Science as my major. I program as a hobby and in the future I want to turn that hobby into a profession in Software Development, or maybe Video Games design.

Although, my main focus in OnePixel is to make fun Roblox Games that are not exclusive to the IRF, I will be writing blogs here to give detailed updates on all sorts of projects, and write a rant or two. Some topics that I plan to write about in the near future are things like a crash course tutorial on how to make Roblox guns, important updates to maps like Kehl and Stryj, and why I hate the IRF military high command (a light hearted roast comedy post).

I hope this blog will be able to show some development behind the scenes for those who are interested.



Fortune Volkov

I'm Fortune.